First off, I'd like to thank everyone who called, e-mailed and left their best wishes on the comments - I appreciated that.

I have only just begun sorting through my e-mail (which, as regular correspondents will know, doesn't mean instant response - I like to take my time), but will eventually get back to you all.

In the meantime, for your continued enjoyment, here are a few things that struck my fancy in the past few hours.

  • First off, KeyJnote. If you're using and have to do presentations (or if you're using Windows and hate ), go out and get it now. It's brilliant /OpenGL coding, and all that it's missing is a "cube" transition.
  • Next up, all the ruckus about Hutchinson/3's "Skype" launch. It's not Skype, you fools! It's iSkoot, which places regular calls triggered by a little presence menu on your phone. It to run full-blown Skype on a mobile phone (never mind the Windows Mobile abominations or Wi-Fi), and it doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon. As always, the rest of 3's approach (which is a lot more interesting) didn't raise many eyebrows, mostly because most people blogging about mobile simply don't get the fundamentals.
  • News scrubbing: Besides being completely fed up with dumb news regarding the , the Wii and the PS3, I absolutely refuse to get lured into the Novell/ discussion, but find it slipping through my 'not interesting' filters time and again. SCO, anyone?
  • The Web Toolkit was updated to support . I've been finding myself more attracted to Yahoo's due to the amazing work of Jack Slocum, but it's nice to know there are plenty of alternatives out there. If only I had the time for coding...
  • Finally, I've put up some notes regarding Bluetooth dial-up in . Should come in handy to some folk.