A big shout out to the kind (but anonymous) soul that gifted me The New York Trilogy, La Reina del Sur (yes, I can read Spanish - and French - just fine), An Instance of the Fingerpost and, last but not least, Wintersmith.

Nothing like the prospect of chuckling at more of the Wee Free Men's antics to lift my spirits.

I realize I haven't written much regarding the suggestions I got a few months ago, but I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that the ones I've read so far have been pretty damn good - again, I would never have picked up those books on my own, but they've made reading that much more of a surprising adventure.

For instance, I just finished Inversions (which is a great book to read at a pace, seeing as it is an intertwining of two separate narratives) and am now hopping on to Notes from a Small Island, which will even out the technical stuff with a touch of, er... un-British humor.

So thank you all again for many hours of contentment spent blotting out out worldly concerns and focusing on, er... wordy ones.