Work, Resumed.

Ah, Mondays. This one will henceforth be known as "the Monday when Edgy suspend/resume magically stopped functioning for no damn reason whatsoever" - as well as being the real Core 6 release date, the 's 5th birthday, and the day one of my old cronies called from Switzerland.

And yes, power management is unreliable. resumes correctly roughly 50% of the time (measured over more than 30 samples, courtesy of fsck, which forced a check on my 30th reboot). No, I did not install anything since Saturday. No, there is no discernible pattern. Yes, I know what VBERestore does and about conflicts between ACPI restore and Xorg.conf settings.

And since I don't have time to waste right now, I'm sticking with it - provided I don't try to treat it like a laptop, it mostly works - and lets me work a lot more efficiently than Windows, too.

But more on that by week's end - I'm compiling the little annoyances by day and finding fixes by night, so there should be more substance to this by Saturday or so.

Some news:

  • Skype 2.0 for the is out of beta. I've been wondering if I should standardize on it and dump MSN, but there are just far too many people using MSN over here to ignore it (maybe it's time for them to discuss interconnection to MSN and Yahoo).
  • Firefox 2.0 is here. Yes, I know it wasn't due until Tuesday. Have fun.
  • I've been waiting for Okami for months now - it's the only reason I haven't put my into storage yet, and I hope to grab a copy for .
  • More competition for : Find It! Keep It!.
  • And finally, pfig muses about Tangerines.

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