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Okay, let's see if I can catch up with all the -and-tech related stuff that happened last week in one fell swoop:

  • First off, has a new beta out (that I haven't installed yet). You can get the unofficial release notes from Tim's site. Apparently my niggles with threading are gone, which is good. But is now mixed in, which is awesome.
  • Gruber's cardinal piece on 's quarterly results and Gartner analysts who think should make s.
  • Remember Project X? well, I'm in the beta, and the very first thing I'll do after I finish catching up with the news is taking a long, hard look at it (the timing for the release was excellent, coming as it does during my PMI training). Should take me a couple of days to give it a thorough run-through (maybe more if I compare it with ).
  • Via Florian Beer, . Absolutely brilliant.
  • Florian also pointed out Harald, a great combination of a Cocoa server and a J2ME application that lets you control remotely - even down to displaying album art on the phone. It works fine on my , although I haven't explored it much yet.
  • I hope this is a joke. At the very least, it's pure tax madness (it looks like a - dumb - way to reinstate the radio side of the tax, since as far as I know it was a per-household tax for and another for radio). The stupidity in it is that pretty soon they'll have to extend the definition of taxable devices to cover game consoles and all sorts of non-obvious gear (anyone got one of those futuristic fridges with an LCD screen?). Still, it's more realistic than taxing elves.
  • Those of you interested in using s in the life sciences field may want to take a look at this little piece (via Gray Rothkopf).
  • 37signals, the place many Geeks would love to work at, was featured in 's site (via John Gruber, who muses about the "higher education" label, and umpteen sites in the Ruby on Rails universe).
  • The Flying Toasters are back! The only thing missing is the wing beat noises, but the Quartz Composer file has the makings of a great developer sample.
  • Logitech bought SlimDevices, the makers of my (oldie, but goodie) SliMP3 player. Despite the reassuring PR, I wish they had been bought by someone else (no Logitech peripheral I bought ever lasted more than a year). Still, good luck to them.
  • Via Vitor Rodrigues, 10 years of homepages.
  • Finally, via pfig, scrybe, an intriguing online organizer (I wonder how cross-platform it really is, but the Ajax box on the movie is priceless).