Power Saving

Spent most of the day nursing a sore throat - and believe me, a cold isn't something you want to catch when attending classes. Pronouncing things like 四十四不是十四 (forty-four isn't fourteen) and other stuff crammed with fricatives and nasal sounds becomes that little bit harder and kind of grates on your tonsils.

Still, it's fun, although it will require more of my time than I anticipated. By the way, the Pinyin SCIM input methods in work fine (this is being typed in Firefox as I prepare for another attempt at ) but is still that extra bit slicker.

And yes, is still flaky, and nowhere near grabbing the laptop crown. Watch this space.

In the meantime, to everyone who's been e-mailing me regarding various odds and ends, I'm not ignoring your e-mails - I'm just procrastinating until I can reply to them properly (although some folk have already gotten my usual somewhat rushed and terse replies, I don't enjoy writing that kind of correspondence).