Random Walks

In a vain attempt to catch up with my RSS inbox, here is some stuff I've been reading:

  • KDE for is back, thanks to the continuing effort and perseverance of Benjamin Reed. Although I can't abide the KDE desktop in , it's nice to envision some of its nice Qt-based apps running in (provided they don't clash with the rest of the UI, of course).
  • Core 6 Test 3 is out, and I look forward to giving the final release a spin - provided that they bothered to pay more than lip service to laptop support (something to investigate as people start writing about Test 3).
  • Skype 2.0 beta for the popped out the other day. I still have mixed feelings regarding non-standards-based (i.e., non-H.323 et al) video, but at least Skype is usable cross-platform now. One must take what one gets, I suppose. Update: Standards-based VideoConferencing isn't dead on : I just noticed that is now at version 0.3.2, sporting SIP and STUN fixes.
  • 1.4 is out, with svnsync, a repository mirroring tool that might do away with svk for me (I wasn't doing anything very sophisticated with it).
  • I had no reason to comment upon the (underwhelming) Amazon UnBox launch, but this e-book reader is another thing. It reminded me of my concept (except for the rather anemic-looking keyboard), and its inclusion of EV-DO is a pretty good idea - except that Bluetooth and a dial-up wizard would have been much better. Still, we'll see how good it really is once (or if) it manages to get off the ground. Oh, and yeah, the design is pretty awful.
  • The madness continues. Maintaining that Wiki node has become somewhat of a chore, but it is nothing compared to reading the sheer amount of idiocy that it links to - it's now been OVER TWO YEARS, people, get a grip!

Finally, here are a thousand words regarding FNAC's new site (via Joel Alexandre):

Gotta love IIS, huh?