Bullets in Mail.app without Shooting It?

Dear Auntie Lazyweb,

Is there any sensible way to insert bullets (i.e., ul and li tags) in Mail.app's sorry excuse for an HTML message editor without resorting to any external applications?

Yes, pasting from TextEdit works. That is not the point. Is there any text service that does this? Any plugin? Any built-in Cocoa editing wizardry that I might have missed?

Your loving nephew,


P.S.: I'm finally going on vacation, will send a postcard from the beach.

Update: Okay, let's recap some of the answers so far:
- "Rich text" is HTML. Always has been, and just because Apple says it's going to have HTML mail in Leopard doesn't mean it's a new feature - their doing it properly would be the novelty there.
- I use TextMate and am aware of its hooks, but I don't want to use it (it's not just me looking for a decent way to do this).
- The old-school Mac bullets do not work for me (as far as I recall, it was a US keyboard thing) and don't generate semantic markup (which is kind of the whole point) - plus I want ordered (ol) lists too.
- I have yet to find a Mail.app plugin or text service that will tweak the Cocoa/WebKit/whatever portion of Mail.app or the text formatting menu to do this (MailPictures doesn't cut it because it requires you to type in raw HTML, something normal users can't be trusted with).

Any more feedback along different lines is most welcome.

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