On The 24" iMac

Maybe it's just me being pessimistic, but the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the news about the 24" was "ok, and what is their policy regarding dead pixels"?

You see, my first 20" was promptly returned to the store, and the current one still has a couple of minor display flaws...

Anyway, 's self-one-uppmanship has shined through again, and it's nice to notice two things:

  • That you can hook up a 23" Cinema Display to a new (which makes me wonder if the display line will be revamped to match the look)
  • And, of course, that Core 2 Duo CPUs have made their debut.

Let's see how long they take to percolate down to the laptop line. The fact that the line is still composed of Core Duo machines is odd, though.