Making Lemonade

Yep, Monday again, this time with a whiff of lemon.

All sorts of things have kept me from both keeping track of RSS feeds and stuff like the Wi-Fi . For the record, I still think the technique is nominally feasible (again, the only real way to prove it right or wrong is seeing patches pop out), and wonder at the amount of wasted effort people put into criticizing stuff they don't even try to understand.

But hey, I guess they just love having page views.

Anyway, here's some completely random stuff, off the top of my head:

My Dicky Ticker Is Well-Oiled

My cardiologist just gave me a (cautiously) clean bill of health. There is currently nothing physically wrong with me, although I'm sticking to medication for a while longer and am very strongly advised to take things a bit easier - which includes dialing back on my propensity to working very late.

Apparently the greater risk right now is letting myself getting caught up in work again in such a way as to with my body chemistry. Oh, and getting thoroughly annoyed at people (not that I did that, much) is now officially a no-no, right up there with caffeine.

I'm not sure which one I'll miss the most.

The Portuguese Resistance

Next up, The Tao of Mac managed to pop up all over the place in a blog ranking exercise.

I still think , but the human mind loves poring over meaningless details, and this came up at a time that...

Hello, London, This is Nighthawk Calling kind of interesting, since I've been invited to pen a column somewhere else. I am, however, very reluctant to take it up, since I comment on stuff like the Alcatel/Nortel deal or most other telco-related stuff.

In fact, now that I think of it, and judging from the kind of things I'm involved in right now, pretty soon I won't be able to write about pretty much anything related to telecommunications.

Which is probably a great way to avoid getting caught up in work, too.

Ah well.

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