Interesting Times


For future reference (whenever I get around to writing my memoirs), let it be recorded that the acronym "QA" has taken an entirely new meaning for me during the past few days.

Between that and other -prone stuff that is converging fast, my taking up a again (and the added, er... "productivity" that comes with it) might yet find itself to be perfectly justifiable.

Time for a couple of crash courses in off-beat languages...

Oh, and to top it off, I just tried to drag and drop a few mailboxes between IMAP accounts on the same server, on my LAN, using . Each mailbox had something like 2500 messages, and I dragged over 4 of them (2005/Q1 to Q4).

One mailbox ended up with 129 messages, another with 1200 and the final two with the exact amounts (roughly 2500 each). What happened to the first two?

No idea. But I'm glad I only tried to make copies.