My 2 Euro Cents Regarding Apple's New Product Announcements at the WWDC

I haven't yet had time to read through all the WWDC predictions/wishlists floating out there, but considering most of them are the usual pie-in-the-sky stuff that will never realistically pan out and having spent a lousy night being stung by a particularly virulent mosquito that managed to avoid capture and summary execution, I'd like to toss in one thing I'd love to see Steve Jobs announce at the keynote:

An accessory consisting of a miniaturized infrared laser turret able to autonomously target and zap flying pests while playing soft lullabies to help me sleep.

Something like this, but -sized (available in both black and white versions, of course) and emblazoned with the logo.

could ship with a nice little front-end to program it (which would be called "iZap"), you'd be able to plug it in directly to a and target it via a built-in mini-iSight camera, and there would even be a widget to keep track of kills.

And, of course, the Pro version would be able to wipe out entire cities. But somehow I don't think it would be hotter than a .

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