Remember my brief flirt with Lomography ?

Well, I haven’t used the technique much, to be honest, but Aaron Straup Cope has taken it all a bit further and come up with filtr, a shell script that applies a number of different effects to photos.

Kinda reminds me of this T-Shirt:

Something you can now say to ?

Book Notes

In the meantime, José Campos (a colleague of mine from the LEIC 94 days) was kind enough to send me “Iain M. Banks’s”:Wikipedia:Iain_Banks “Inversions”:ISBN:1857237633, which arrived about a day before I polish off “Consider Phlebas”:ISBN:1857231384 – a very nice read indeed so far.

I’ve yet to make significant headway on the massive amount of recommendations that I got , but I’ve already bought quite a few of them and will post my thoughts as I go along.