Steve Has My Number?

Last week, while backing up the site, I stumbled upon the access log and noticed a few hits from internal sites at Which is nothing much - it happens every now and then, and folk from , Sun and a are regular visitors.

Today, however, when landing on my Referrers page (which I'm using as a temporary home page while on vacation), I noticed a few direct hits on my :

Before you go typing that into your browser, is not published in DNS. It's either an intranet site or a hardcoded host on someone's personal machine.

Looking back through my server log, I found a number of similar URLs (apparently part of a Confluence site that believes itself to be with a number of interesting pathnames (one of which contained the word Trident, for those of you fond of conspiracy theories).

Anyway, just in case, I'll be filtering from my Referrers list as well (who knows, it might be secret, and their secret is safe with me).

Just after I come back from the pool, that is.