Bricked, Twice

After being fortunate enough to get hold of a new power brick with relative ease (courtesy of a trip to the local Apple outpost and roughly Eur. 120), I've just now found that my tiny LaCie "Porsche" USB disk (which I brought along to store my photos) has packed it in, issuing soft clicking sounds when plugged in.

I've wrapped it in a plastic bag and dropped it in the freezer to see if it can be revived for a bit, but this is turning out to be an expensive vacation hardware-wise...

And speaking of hardware, it seems that the Mighty Mouse has gone wireless (using Bluetooth, of course). It won't replace my current Microsoft mouse, but it's nice to know it's out there.

One thing I found out by accident this afternoon while trying to navigate back home was that Google has a new version of its Java applet available, and that it displays traffic overlays - however, it is still pretty damn useless for Portugal, since besides the obvious point of the traffic info being US-only, searching for Portuguese addresses yields... similar ones in Madrid. Way to go, Google.

Via pfig, there's a preview of Skype for Mac with video support. It's not standards-compliant, obviously, but unlike iChat (which also does not use H.324 or any sort of decent standard) it has the advantage of being able to place calls to Windows machines.

And that's it for now. Excuse me while I go and fetch a disk icicle.

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