Using a computer in Summer isn't something I've ever been keen on, and my new enthusiasm for relaxing has further curtailed that to pecking at my RSS feeds with my PSP - which means I have dozens of personal e-mails to get to (sorry), and that there is a bunch of 10.4.7-related stuff I haven't yet investigated.

Meanwhile -

  • I've been waiting for Melo to comment on the news of MSN/Yahoo IM interworking, but so far he's done the sane thing and devoted time to his new kid.
  • I've found a nice, relaxing (but a bit over the top) technique to focus on my writing. Sort of like WriteRoom, but without extra software: enable Zoom in Universal Access, and then just hit Cmd-Alt-8 - at any zoom level, the screen will move to follow the caret. As a bonus, when your eyes start closing the fonts render better.
  • Stargate SG-1 started its tenth season last Friday (Atlantis kicked off its third). Since there is no way they'll show up on local cable, I've resigned myself to watching them on DVD over the next three years or so.
  • Apparently there's a new NTFS driver out there. However, it does not do encryption, compression, ownership or access rights, so it's not really useful for me (I encrypt project folders on my Windows laptop and compress reference material).
  • There's some more detail on the Wii remote - I, like many others, am somewhat in the fence, but I'm weighing two factors: Innovation vs. game portfolio. So far, I haven't read about a single title that would make me go out and get a Wii (or any other console right now).