Link Spree

Ah well. I need to get a lot of stuff out of my system, so I'd better get started:

  • The Mark-Gruber-Tim has just gone mainstream (via Tim Gaden, via e-mail). To me, this heralds the official kick-off of the Summer silly season.
  • Two possibly faked shots of (via a bunch of people). , running natively on a ? The Windows version shown in About this Mac? Believe what you will.
  • BumpTop is... cute, very nicely done, but of extremely doubtful practicality - there have been rumors of adding "piles" to the for years now (even before Panther), and if they haven't done it, it's probably not that usable in real life (although they did go with Spotlight, and we all know what good that did to the ...). And yes, I have a Wacom tablet. I like using a stylus - and I'm not convinced.
  • Via Gruber, . Come on, you know you want to.
  • There seems to be a logic board replacement for s that cuts down on the whining (then again, some more is sure to ensue if this is confirmed).

The rest, well... I now have two days to deal with it. My colleagues keep saying I need to relax more (apparently I'm again in the "snapping at people" stage), and all of a sudden I'm back working in a field I really like, so I'm going to try to enjoy the weekend and try to get back all peppy on Monday.