Had a few extra things to research, so writing had to take second place (as a bonus, I actually replied to some personal e-mail on time - not all, but some).

The best bit this (well, technically, yesterday) afternoon was during the World Cup game - I was one of the few people actually working, and finally managed to work on the same thing for an hour and a half (and got only one e-mail during that period).

Of note, in a rush:

  • hit 1.0.2. I use it for most of my JavaScript stuff these days, since it's way faster than .
  • I came across iBox. It's a bit over the top when compared to similar things (the progressive fade is ludicrously slow on my iBook and 's Firefox), but I will be adding it to my JavaScript node in the next couple of days.
  • Mobile GMaps was updated as well (access to the new high-res imagery)
  • More confirmation that VMware is looking at (my bet is that they're either waiting for WWDC to see whether will deflate their likely market share - or that there's something else in the works...)
  • Nokia's Widsets (ah, whatever) - sort of makes sense (more shiny downloadable content), sort of doesn't. After all, how usable - or useful - are these things, especially with so little real estate on a phone screen?