Random Linkage

Pretty tired, so I'll stick to the basics:

  • Opera Mini 2.0 was released today, and it has a bunch of enhancements. The MIDP 2.0 version runs on my Blackberry just fine (it is a bit redundant, since the BB browser is better in some regards) and is full of neat tricks on my V600i. Despite privacy concerns, I still find it pretty useful.
  • Oh boy, MacBook Pro batteries are being recalled. At this rate, if consumer MacBooks come out in June, I will be waiting for them to iron out the kinks until New Year's...
  • The Front Row Enabler is back online. Although I don't really need a media center, I'd love to have an USB-IrDA adapter that could talk to the Apple IR Remote - anyone out there tried hacking one together?
  • Found out about Terminator via this hint. I use screen everywhere and don't think much of using Java for this sort of thing (I like my terminal windows very snappy, which is why I use Monaco 10 pt without anti-aliasing), but it might be of general interest.

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