More Mobile Broadband

For the record (so that I can remember this in a couple of years), Vodafone Portugal has started (PT press release, I'll link to the English one later) making HSDPA service available to customers today.

Which means that I can finally start adding notes to the site about the generic aspects of the technology (as usual, my own prevented me from even commenting on this before).

Incidentally, the HSDPA technology itself (generically speaking) isn't limited to 1.8Mbps. But, unlike other networks, this is a matter of overall availability and a uniform experience: i.e., you get what is advertised, and it works where it's supposed to work.

2006 promises to be a very interesting year mobility-wise for . But, as always, the mainstream press will only catch on when the tech becomes available on larger countries...

Anyway, and also for my personal record, today I achieved one of my personal goals for the past couple of years.

More on that in a few weeks, perhaps, right now all I want is some rest.

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