More Gripes

No matter what Steve unveils today, I still have a feeling that Apple would do well to take a breather and churn out Mac OS X 10.4.6 (maybe even 10.4.7) so that the madness stops. I can put up with dodgy IMAP support and other bugs (although I still pine for IMAP IDLE), but not with data loss: 2.0.5 loses messages if your default SMTP server is unavailable and you reflexively click OK when prompted to accept the next alternative SMTP server without waiting for the message to be re-rendered.

This causes to send an empty message and lose your original e-mail (filed as #4460682 just now).

And yes, it sends the message correctly if I wait for it to be retrieved from the outbox and re-displayed. But if I don't wait and just click OK, the message is gone - only the headers get sent.

Brilliant, eh?

In other news, I've updated the HOWTO/Switch To The Mac node with a few security tips and some Intel-related stuff (nothing much, since a Mac is a Mac is a Mac, regardless of what chip it has inside...)