Idle Mode

Dipped into Rich’s blog and ended up spending a good while reading online from there on.

Somehow, the signal-to-noise ratio of RSS is getting worse again. I just deleted everything in my RSS inbox, and I’m starting to think I really ought to get rid of some more feeds.

Engadget, for one, is starting to read like a mill again, and sometimes it’s amazing how you will get the same item plastered across a number of sites with little or no editing - and that editing, when it happens, is mostly of the tongue-in-cheek variety.

For instance, their post on the 9300i is nothing short of clueless jabber.

Heck, I’ve been using one of those for two weeks. It is the most useful device I’ve picked up in a while, miles ahead of the junk:

  • It supports IMAP IDLE, which means it’s almost as good as a device (for e-mail, mind you - it’s slower and doesn’t do all the other neat tricks, but it works fine with )
  • I can get at my corporate environment using in a much more usable way than with any client I’ve yet used on a (yes, even over ).
  • I can run MidpSSH, and an client on it a whole day without the battery going out on me.

Sure, it’s not (I’m still carrying my as a modem) and its Wi-Fi support is pretty obtuse, but it’s much more reliable than anything else out there right now - including the Qtek 9000, which I consider to be a worthless piece of junk.

Ah well.