Somewhat Back

Posting is sure to take a significant hit as I try to catch up on my reading (and some writing) over the next few days (maybe even weeks), in order to try to gain enough mental leverage to go above and beyond the call of duty and kick some serious ass next week.

I hope. It's hard to be motivated about work when it piles up on you like a set of one-tonne ACME weights, so I've tried to shift my motivation drivers from progress (which becomes nil as work tends towards infinity) to working along with other people (which kind of helps tie things together).

But somehow, having the center panel from up on my partition (blown up to A3 size) doesn't quite cut it anymore.

To be completely blunt, maintaining this site has around zero priority right now - it's fun, but I'm not having a lot of "fun" time these days. There's a lot of "free" time being taken up with reading through work documentation and even more trying to clear my head and figure out ways to keep up some steady (if slow) progress.

Anyway, some things I probably should mention for my own reference at a later date: