Monday Mode, In Spades

Acrobat has gone 3D, Disney is apparently going to buy Pixar (hey, Mickey, will you "squeak different"?), and I'm so knackered I didn't even laugh at this video.

Yojimbo crossed my radar, but I found no point in it. At all. Sorry.

Plus iSync just nuked my whole Address Book on my iMac. I nearly lost all my contacts, and if it weren't for .Mac, I'd be fishing out my last DVD backup right now.

Furthermore, after restoring with .Mac and re-syncing with my phone, iSync thought it was making itself useful by resetting all my phone contacts as well - causing me to lose a couple I'd put in last Thursday.

This is just one of the reasons why I think Tiger needs to be put down - 10.4.4 is a worthless update, and it still hasn't fixed this sort of nonsense.

Yeah, it's shaping up to be one of those weeks. My memoirs, if I ever get around to write them, are sure to make the blue packet seem like a Smurfs story.

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