10.4.4, Second Impressions

The Bluetooth Firmware Updater is back, with a vengeance.

After having read that QuickTime 7.0.4 was pulled and curious about whether or not it had been replaced (I think I got the first set of files), I opened Software Update and saw the new update and another (same version, 1.2) Bluetooth Firmware Updater, which I downloaded expecting to get one that worked this time around.

Turns out it doesn't work either. It locks me out of the desktop, sits around probing the machine, and gives up. Running it in my administrative account yields the same result - and in fact, when I tried that, I got another prompt from Software Update to download it - which I did.

Third time wasn't the charm, either, nor does it seem to be related to my particular configuration. It's been six reboots so far (unplugged all my peripherals the last time around, just in case), and still nothing. In every case, the updater disables Bluetooth until I reboot (and I've confirmed that Bluetooth still works afterwards).

So I'm giving up on the damned thing.

Oh yeah, 10.4.4 is a great fix indeed. Look at all those new widgets!


This is getting like Windows Update, and it's the sort of thing that makes me wonder if Internet distribution of software updates isn't just a handy excuse for saving on staff costs and letting your QA go to the dogs.

Which probably means 10.4.3 shouldn't have gone out the door in the first place, too.

Somehow, reminds me a lot of System 7 - buggy, temperamental and closely coupled to a change in architecture...

Other stuff I've been looking at:

  • no updates at least not in terms of more supported handsets, as far as I can see.
  • no changes whatsoever in , either. At least none I can see.
  • no changes to the userland at the application/language level. Looks like the same Apache, same , same , same Ruby, etc.

So, what did we get, then? Besides a rather vague set of release notes?