10.4.4 First Impressions

  • The Bluetooth Updater 1.2.0 (which Software Update downloaded along with 10.4.4) is a lemon. Ran upon login, locked me out of the Dock and menu bar, kept looping and displaying "Preparing to update device...", "Idle...","Detecting device...", and left my 's built-in Bluetooth in an unusable state until the next reboot. Maybe it got confused under 10.4.4, I don't know.
  • is still version 2.0.5 (which means the "port 0" bug is still in there, as well as pretty much every other nuisance).
  • Doesn't look as any of the Address Book LDAP issues were fixed, either (v. 4.0.3)
  • The release notes don't give any hints as to whether they finally support RAW files (and it's much too late in the evening to unpack the camera).
  • Everything else looks the same - I've yet to try the Cisco VPN client, which usually breaks with every network-related update, but I'm told that it's working for my colleagues, so I won't bother tonight either (I would be too tempted to peek at my work e-mail).

More during the week, I still have to get at least five hours' worth of sleep.