More Important Stuff

Daniel Bogan dropped me a line with a link to the official download of Google Earth for the Mac.

Heck, I even dropped out of the keynote webcast to get it... Thanks Daniel!

And guess what, it does look a bit like Qt, and with a few whiffs of funky blue gradients that are quite un-Mac-like, but it's smooth as silk... PowerPC only, though.

On another quick note before going off to bed, the RSS advocate troupe picked up on my interview and singled out the sentence "I really don’t think it will be of any consequence for government or the average Joe" (which is how I started replying to the question about RSS's significance). They apparently missed out on the most important word of the second bit (and maybe even the entire second bit), which I quote and emphasize here -

- not while the vast majority of people are unaware of what an RSS feed is

People don't need to know what RSS is technically, by the way. They only have to know how to use it, and we're not there yet.

Not by a long shot.