News Rush

After my first manic coding spree upon arriving from work, I decided to take a short breather and look at the news a bit:

  • I am not at all amazed that Motorola has decided to launch new ROKR models based on an as-yet-unproven service with an as-yet-unproven market reach. You will, however, note that it is carrier-centric (they finally figured out carriers don't like the idea of anything that can bypass their revenue model) and that it is closely tied to music download and streaming services. There is just one thing I don't get: Why are they apparently going to try to reinvent the downoad-via-a-computer model of iTunes as well?
  • I am, however, still amazed at the number of people that still believe there will be an iPhone. This has to be some sort of US-only mania (I keep wondering if US phones are that bad). What next, an iRadio? Ah, sorry.
  • Quake 2 has been ported to the PSP (via BoingBoing).
  • Via the spool, iPodDisk. Melo will be tickled pink to know that it's a pre-packaged lighttpd instance that serves the iPod contents via WebDAV...
  • A bit more on that eBook reader I mentioned a few days back.

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