Catching Up

  • Via Daniel Matos, there are now four wireless broadband offerings in Portugal - three using standard UMTS packet data, one using CDMA 450 (I won't go into much detail today because I'm fundamentally fed up with mobile stuff, but there are both advantages and disadvantages to this technology). No Mac support in sight, though (maybe it's in there somewhere, but I couldn't find it). Update: There's a Mac script here (via Pedro Carvalho).
  • Via Melo, tiny penguins. Based on an 800MHz CPU, but very interesting indeed...
  • Via Pedro Leite, GPL Source Code for at least a portion of the Sony LocationFree software - maybe it's enough for someone to cobble up a PSP media server.
  • Picasa was updated to 2.1, with RAW image support - which means Windows folk now have a better way to manage their photos than Mac users. I sure hope part of the upcoming Apple announcement at PhotoPlus has something to do with iPhoto enhancements (a Pro version would be nice). I personally don't think it will have anything to do with PowerBook upgrades, but one can hope).
  • The much-delayed 9300i gets FCC approval (nothing much to see, actually, but it's nice to have options).
  • Cringely's take on the new video-enabled iPod and Apple's next steps.
  • xattr, a way for Mac Pythonistas to get a handle on filesystem attributes.

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