Thursday The 13th

Bloody exhausting day. Here's the news I could come up with:

  • More kanguru hunting (using blue carbon paper). I'm amazed that nobody in the international press has apparently caught on to the fact that all three (1,2,3) Portuguese mobile operators now offer a Eur.29/month UMTS broadband tariff (inc. 10GB traffic/month)... Must be all that Metro Wi-Fi hype flood from US sites.
  • What US$1.99 Will Buy You in terms of video quality. Meanwhile, David Magda dropped me a note regarding the apparently higher number of HD trailers... So, how much would you pay for higher-quality video, and what exactly will a new do if you stuff a HD file into it?
  • The obligatory link to dive into ripping (Mark took it upon himself to document his DVD-to- ripping process...)
  • The EU ruling bodies make it plain that they don't understand the Internet yet again (then again, a lot of people think the same about ICANN, but slightly less so). Control of DNS in itself is meaningless - just look at the way .com and .net domains are used these days, and the lack of success of dumb-assed approaches like red-taped national registrars that manage ""...
  • 5.10 was released. I decide not to try it this time around - like pfig said, it's a bit too extreme for me (in case you didn't , it has repeatedly committed various forms of hara-kiri upon installation on my hardware).
  • The 2.5 update is available (at least in the US), with support for Sony's LocationFree. The base station hardware seems to be NTSC-only, but there's software available (PDF warning), and I bet some creative Open Source folk will be pushing out some sort of streaming server for the soon... How about a MythTV front-end?