Stuff I Didn't Do On Vacation

Ah, well. Tomorrow I will be back in the rat race, and there is, as usual, all sorts of stuff I didn't get around to do.

Just so it doesn't get completely lost, here's a dump of those items still unchecked in my Backpack "To Do" page:

  • Install for - which is still not available.
  • Install 10.4.3 on my s - ditto.
  • Set up a development environment - after trashing my test laptop yet again with 5.10 RC, I'm going to read up on the available packages and do it there, but I'd love to get it doing on .
  • Iron out my photo workflow (more on that in a few weeks, perhaps, but tagging is working now - still no UI, though)
  • Get xrdp to compile on (after a few Makefile tweaks, it still breaks somewhere in the build process)
  • Finish Programming Ruby - still plodding through it half-heartedly. Reading source code from real apps has been a lot more instructive...
  • Fix a few message formatting glitches (and make the HTML easier to parse so that my web front-end can get an Ajax face-lift).
  • Try setting up a DPAP server so I can import photos from my central store into (couldn't find one with folder support).
  • Implement a TiddlyWiki presentation macro - only managed to figure out how to write a simple "Hello World" macro.
  • Improve the site's FullTextSearch (which will help me find this post later on).

I did do a few things that weren't listed:

  • Slept, read and took a lot of photos.
  • Patched my front-end to support the (still haven't cleaned it up and submitted it to CVS, though).
  • Tweaked bits and pieces of the site.
  • Fooled around with and GPX files to make up for not having (gotta love quadtrees).
  • Learned how to decode PNG files (the can now load most small PNGs I throw at it).
  • Played around with (which I sadly can't use at home, since I have way more than five network nodes).
  • Tried Photoshop Elements and Pro (the latter is slated for purchase as soon as I have spare cash - it absolutely rocks).
  • Started a combo CV/portfolio project (you never know).
  • Got my hands on a new Ajax book that Apress is publishing (more on that later, I intend to publish a short review).

So I guess I'm even in a way.

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