Return of the Quickies

Seems it's been ages since I posted one of these, but here goes:

  • Brushed Metal in Hollywood - Gruber's hilarious take on 's own bastardization of its HIG in 5.
  • The / is already being called "iLame", but the best take on it was a section of the Ovum newsletter that crossed my inbox today, entitled "Motorola and : the looks like a LEMN" (non-English speakers will want to add an "O" near the end to get this).
  • J. Kevin Wolfe dropped me a line concerning his new e-book on 5, which looks like a simple, concise guide to the most common issues in handling digital photos on your (being an old curmudgeon that relies on command-line tools and filesystem archives, I have no real need for , but that doesn't mean others won't find this useful).
  • Richard E. Brown also dropped me a line, but to point me to , a network monitoring and alerting tool that runs on . Considering that I plan to re-flash my WRT54GS this weekend and get an SNMP agent running on it again, I might even give it a whirl.
  • PalmSource gets bought, which is another likely nail in Palm's coffin. So, those rumors about Treos with Windows Mobile... Hmm... Yeah, they've gone to the dark side.
  • Looks like common sense is prevailing regarding the UK-driven data retention measures for telcos.
  • Via pfig, Cringely's NerdTV is out. Its use of BitTorrent is likely to make some people, well... cringe.
  • Finally, Nuno Sousa wrote in to point out that the new has a few tricks up its UI, as it were. Notice the way tooltips become more informative when you press Command:

Anyone seen this kind of behavior before? Any idea how to go about doing this sort of thing in Cocoa?