Summer Cleaning

These relatively quiet days have restored some of my packrat instincts, which means I am back to more leisurely pursuits like organizing my library, pruning my mailing-lists, tweaking my anti-spam rules and resuming the mammoth task of re-ripping (and re-tagging) my CD/MP3 collection, for which I am now relying solely on iTunes.

Incidentally, I can confirm that Delicious Library 1.5.2 is working with Amazon UK, although I am still doing searches for Broschiert in order to eliminate the junk it had previously imported from Amazon DE)

The workflow is trivial, and relies on the ubiquitous Unsorted folder and a pristine, orderly Albums folder, both in my dinky little NSLU2 (which is my current DAAP server]):

  • Grab a (physical or virtual) album from Unsorted (or the closet).
  • Check if it's 320Kbps VBR already
  • Re-rip (or drag it) into iTunes
  • Select all, Get Info, tweak tags.
  • Add cover art (search or, for Portuguese albums, a quick snap and some tweaking in iPhoto - maybe I should get an iSight, should be good enough for cover shots and would take less time)
  • Select all again, drag out to a new Band - Album (Year) folder in the Albums tree (which saves the files as 00 Trackname.mp3, just as I like it).
  • Remove the old folder in Unsorted (or put back the CD)

I would have made a couple of Automator flows for this if it weren't the fact that I invariably get stuck somewhere in the fourth or fifth steps - but creating the final folders manually and dragging out the files will probably get automated, since it's one of the most brainless bits.

It isn't, however, brainless to the point that it can be done without glitches - after six or seven albums, I eventually figured out that I was missing some cover art on the new files, and filed a couple of iTunes and Finder-related bugs on Radar.

I'm holding out on the Safari stuff until the next OS update comes out (I was pinged by Apple a couple of weeks back regarding my Safari woes, and it's reassuring to know they're on the ball), but I think I'll be taking the time to file decent bug reports from now on.

Heck, I've got to do something to improve Tiger...