Random Thoughts On Nomadic Life

The pendulum is swinging back, and the past week's trend of "network computing" (i.e., using my via a connection, optimized via xrdp) is mutating into a Bluetooth-driven "grab-and-disconnect" series of events along the day (typically when it's either too hot or too dark to lie in the sun).

UMTS makes it possible to go just about anywhere in Portugal and get a steady 384kbps downlink (at least on "my" operator), but, being on vacation, "always on" is blatantly not necessary - plus, the is now several kilometers away and switched off, so the remote desktop thing is definitely not happening this week.

Still, if it were possible, it would be neat to have some sort of tablet (say, the , although I find it a bit too underpowered) and be able to use just that to keep track of the news (I loathe ) and access a remote desktop of some sort to get around the tablet's limitations.

mySQL Odds and Ends

If I had vacations like regular people, that would surely be enough. However, being true to form I've been spending some time revitalizing unused neurons, which entailed downloading and installing updated mySQL packages to port some old code.

Nothing much, however, has gotten done in that regard, since I have been having some fun poking around the new Administrator and Query Browser, which go a long way toward lessening my usual loathing of all things database-related and have effectively put to rest as far as I'm concerned. They can be downloaded next to the server package at the mySQL site (there's no point in providing a direct download link when all versions are still in a state of flux).

Minimal News Coverage

One of my latest dips into the heady world of wireless connectivity yielded the following tidbits: