Somewhere Out There

Yeah, I know, I'm on vacation, but moving Mount Fuji is wearing a little thin in terms of entertainment, and there is personal e-mail to attend to (i.e., my friends can always reach me).

  • And, thanks to Chris Forsythe (of Growl fame) here's VoAP, the standard that will one day dethrone VoIP.
  • Just after having downloaded Firefox and Thunderbird 1.0.5 to fiddle with on vacation, the news that they need fixing pops up.
  • Matt has put up some Django gotchas, and links to a HOWTO that details the installation steps for Mac OS X - I'll be darned if I'm going to install Apache 2 just for the sake of running a specific framework, though - but we're apparently going to get an updated Django running on some variant of BaseHTTPServer (oh, please let it be async...) before I get back from vacation. Update: Adrian just did it.
  • Rumors of a video iPod pop up here and there, fueled by other rumors of Apple cutting deals in music videos.

And now, back to our irregularly scheduled snoozing in the sun.

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