Bubble Time

I'm now officially on a short, compact (but dense) vacation. And by dense I mean I've switched off my , and am strongly considering going voicemail-only.

Paraphrasing John Carmack (in one of his .plan entries soon after having finished one of his projects):

Last login: Fri Jul 15 20:33:50 on console
Welcome to Darwin!
pastilha:~ rcarmo$ mkdir Development
pastilha:~ rcarmo$ mkdir -p Personal/Career\ Choices
pastilha:~ rcarmo$

Not that I expect to get a lot done inside the first directory, but there is an awful lot of stuff that I haven't had time to tinker with, and the site needs a few touches here and there.

Since I got my iBook back today - and it is the machine I feel more productive in - I intend to do a modicum of purposeless tinkering amid bouts of sunning, sleeping, reading and random combinations of same.

The rest has become rather of a concern of late. I'm having some issues matching my view of what I find interesting (which is less and less about technology and more about managing the business) and what other people mistakenly believe I find interesting.

I honestly don't give one whit about being good at what I'm doing right now (the usual management answer for not letting you stray outside your little box) - my main concern is that I'm actually getting worse because I can't seem to evolve beyond SWAT-like dives into all-in-one product management, design and integration.

And that last bit is kind of getting to me, since I can't seem to get much satisfaction from being, year after year, the "bleeding edge technology" guy, acting out dozens of small (even if pivotal) roles in umpteen projects. Lack of long-term tenure is fine for tech ninjas, but it makes for very poor Zen masters.

So, until the bubble bursts (around the end of next week, just after Bruno's wedding), I'll be trying to get some real rest and completely forget about work.

Realistically, I give it until next Wednesday or so.