Random Thresholds Of Feasibility

Yeah, I know, the titles are getting a bit out of hand, but so is my time. Here's what I came up with while skimming the news:

  • Like Russell, I find the new Palm logo underwhelming. However, I find that it fits their new manufacturing approach rather well - instead of the old, polished, metal devices, they've taken to churning out "cool", plasticky, cheapo gadgets, and now they have a "cool", plasticky, cheapo logo.
  • The Apple iPhone and MVNO: Some Thoughts - a nice summary that, however, does not provide any new info, nor actual motive for to become an MVNO, and that gets at least one crucial point wrong: , as Gruber points out amidst his podcasting piece, is making a lot of money on s, not on music downloads.
  • Meanwhile, I've updated my page with even more news. This is getting to be utterly ridiculous, especially considering that non- variants of the E790 are being shown publicly.
  • VoodooPad Lite was updated recently.

In the meantime, Xrdp just keeps on giving - I have it set up to proxy to OSXvnc over Fast Ethernet, and connecting to home via UMTS yielded a much faster, more usable desktop than by using alone. On a whim, I also tried it over Wi-Fi - it rocks, indeed. Now if only I could hack the keyboard mappings in somehow...