Nothing like a Sunday morning to relax, flush out the RSS junk and putter around the site. I'm trying to get my weather images working again, but there's been time to catch up with some news:

  • Got mildly Scobledotted amidst a largish round-up of reactions to Microsoft's RSS initiative - nice to see that my introductory paragraph made the cut.
  • While tracking referrals related to the above, I came across Hmm. Now what's it really for, then?
  • Lots of iPhone mentions in the last couple of days, as well as rumors of new Apple gear (most likely iTunes/iPod-related) on July 7th.
  • Daily Wireless has another great (if somewhat chaotic) piece on set-top boxes, digital television and DVB-H, which starts out with the news that Telstra cancelled their trial of Microsoft's IPTV (something that hit my inbox a couple of days ago, complete with the reasons why). I really should look more into triple-play, it's shaping up to be a interesting (if speculative) trend as broadband operators start squeezing out operational costs and trying to maximize revenue.
  • A couple of people pointed out to me that SPF and Sender-ID have been tentatively approved by the IETF. Not that I believe any of them will make a significant dent on Spam...
  • The VoIP thing keeps on stirring. Found Jajah, which despite being Windows-only for now, appears to have both SIP and Skype support - although I'm curious as to how they support Skype...
  • Spotted Accelerando (most likely via 0xDECAFBAD, which is the topmost hit for it in Spotlight).
  • Updated my notes on SonyEricsson/HID Profiles, thanks to Cian Walsh - I haven't been paying attention (or rather, I have, but the SonyEricsson phones I carry aren't all public, and I tend to shy away from mentioning them), but there's a Remote Control Tool available that makes it easier to roll out custom HID files.

Meanwhile, I have had no news regarding the spare parts for my iBook. It's been three weeks since it failed, and even accounting for the (local) holidays, it's been two since I went there to get it repaired. Time to call in, I guess - not having the iBook around has made a severe dent on my productivity.

In the meantime, I added Google Maps to my InterWikiMap. It was that trivial, and I'm now (half-heartedly) working on a way to tag a simple text label to the pushpin based on Bruno's notes and the Unofficial Google Maps Embedding How To.