Ah, Monday, How I Loathe Thee...

...let me count the ways.

After having spent far too much time reviving the art of directly editing closed-source binary executables for testing purposes (it sort of worked, which means I'm not too rusty despite my age), I have finally had time to look at the news. It turns out that besides the Motorola RAZRberry and the hoopla about Video and their VLC-based player (by the way, got 0.8.2 yet?), there is plenty more news this Monday:

  • The E895 is now public, which confirms Motorola's penchant for creating entirely new (usually crummy and confusing) UIs from scratch every now and then. Given their track history, I'm not holding my breath.
  • There's a Semacode reader available, which happens to work on most of the phones I have at hand, except the one I'm actually using... Maybe it's the multiple cameras.
  • Cisco bought NetSift. I have more than a mere inkling why.
  • Finally, seems to be wising up to the chaos that is . I haven't used it in what... weeks?
  • Incidentally, both Gruber and Karlus (English) have been hacking away at the weather widget.
  • 4.9 is rumored to be appearing any time now.
  • has reached Alpha 1, with a gazillion tweaks (via 2lmc). Sadly, it looks just like 2.0.
  • Zombie dogs - just to see if you're paying attention.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on whether cable companies have to open their infrastructure. Any way you read the ruling, this is a precedent. And since it's on the side of closure, I bet a lot of lobbying is going to be in order...