Cooling Off

Well, it looks like the 40C weather we were having is finally going away, which should help my other machines survive a bit longer.

I arrived home after work, dragged a bean bag to my back veranda, and spent a most enjoyable hour reading until dinnertime.

As a sort of geek encore, I set up a VNC server on my surviving Fedora box as a sort of "roaming desktop" and am using it from my ancient Toshiba until my iBook gets fixed - not only does the laptop's ailing battery last a lot longer, it's also much cooler and dead quiet.

(I must try a Mac OS X VNC server later, it would be a neat way to get my very own Mac-on-Intel... Nah, just joking, all the gradients and subtle colors make using VNC to a Mac a rather annoying experience.)

In the meantime, here are a few interesting snippets of news:

  • Kevin Marks has a keynote video with chapters, allowing you to skip to the interesting bits easily. This one's a keeper - computing history is seldom documented in video (via Joi Ito).
  • People are benchmarking Rosetta, as if the results were meaningful at this stage.
  • Apple set up a WebKit site, which should not only end all the pointless ranting from the KHTML side of the fence, but also strengthen the interesting possibility of someone actually coding a Windows version (it won't be trivial, but I bet someone will do it). Of course, iTunes for Windows is probably using a subset of this already..
  • Extremely dumb patents strike again - am I infringing this patent if I use the Force to answer my phone?
  • Michael Robertson is whining about Apple not allowing clones (something I bet he'd be all over as soon as he could...).
  • Leander Kahney muses about DRM on Intel-based Macs (my guess is that the original rumor is mere FUD, and that none of this will pan out).
  • Pythonistas complain about having to port Python to Mac OS X x86, and yet it turns out to be simple...
  • Interesting gadgetry is afoot again: I don't care much for the iPAQ hw6515 (even if it does have GPS), but this is the first public mention of the Vodafone-branded K600.

Note: A few people dropped me a line about my feed not appearing in Asterisco. I have no idea why, and it isn't due to my (rather hasty) migration to this box - I tested all feeds soon afterward.

Update: My current guess is some delay in DNS updates. I must have removed the URL redirect too early (I did it this morning, convinced that if Argentinian ISPs had noticed the update, ours would have too), so Asterisco spent some time without reaching the feed.

And I'm still getting requests at my old IP... - - [08/Jun/2005:22:36:11 +0100] "GET /space/RecentChanges HTTP/1.0" 404 299 "-" "   [c12]"