Low Power

Spent the morning in a corporate event, a welcome reminder of the far-reaching perspective you get by working in a multinational corporation - it's not every day that you get to listen to the CMO of a company this big...

Off-work, things are going to be pretty quiet for a while (tomorrow's the first day of a four-day weekend, and the weather is simply excellent). I plan to try to get some vitamin D, test 3G coverage in hot, inhospitable spots full of sand and salt water, and generally relax. My brain, as usual, will be bored stiff after the first half hour, but there should be enough books around to placate it.

Out there in the Internet jungle, there seems to be lots of shrapnel and idle speculation still floating around from Monday's keynote - there are, however, a couple of odds and ends of relative interest (the scaremongering, FUD and random hysteria is taking its toll on my patience, so I'll refrain from wasting your time with the less interesting stuff).

Here are today's links, then:

A short reminder for Linux folk: Fedora Core 4 is supposed to be out this weekend. Look out for it on the usual mirrors - I'm looking forward to the usual seamless upgrade...

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