Dances With Slugs

So, after figuring out that the brain-dead Samba 2.2.7b-ja-1.0 that ships with the NSLU2 has all sorts of codepage issues, I re-flashed my NSLU2 to the latest beta firmware and installed Samba 3.0.14a-4, plus SSH and a few other tidbits.

Obviously, things didn't go well (the fact that this is technically being posted on the 25th of May should give you a hint). First off, Mac OS X doesn't seem to like this Samba server. Fedora likes it just fine (and my iMac can access other Samba 3.0 servers), but Mac OS X refuses to mount shares on the upgraded NSLU2 - which is still the case after wading through the copious amounts of Samba documentation and sniffing at traffic to try and figure out what's happening.

In the meantime, the 4.20 version of Unslung has at least a couple of extremely irritating bugs, which means that I will probably be reverting back to 3.18 during the weekend (unless I can fix them myself, which seems feasible).

Secrets and Lies, Unclassified Reading

As to the current crop of Apple Tablet and Intel chip rumors, I honestly don't care one whit - either of them is a recurring feature in Apple-related faerie tales, and doesn't even deserve linkage.

But this is completely different - an excellent Mac OS X lock-down reference that I'll be adding to my Security links.

Plus, seriously, how often do I get to link to the NSA?

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