Somewhat Monday

Allergy acting up again, which is weird. Might be from too much football-oriented talk during the day (incidentally, I loathe football). There were, however, some interesting news:

  • First off, a way to help others to something extra cool: The Astmasters (who are working to improve the quality of Asterisk ports to Mac OS X) have set up a hardware exchange page for people willing to donate old Apple hardware or Mac OS X installation CDs.
  • Still in the VoIP field, here's an interview with Vonage's CEO, which has an unusual amount of interesting tidbits.
  • Growl has finally reached 0.7, which means network notifications are now available to everyone. I'll be cleaning up my stuff to reflect the new version numbers, and apparently it is all still working (haven't checked Subversion logs or the mailing-list lately, but all my network stuff is working after installing the new prefpane).
  • Podcasting (also known as "audio ego-tripping" by the skeptics who deny it any relevance whatsoever) is apparently going to be a feature of iTunes 4.9. My guess is that Apple needed another excuse to bump the version number closer to 5.0, but the fact that you're going to be able to upload podcasts to the iTunes Music Store closes the "personal publishing loop" I hinted at over a year ago.

Indie audio, here we come.

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