Saturday Morning Links

Ah, the weekend, that portion of the week when normal brain activity is resumed... Here are a few tidbits I've gathered during a cursory glance at my feeds:

  • The BBC Motion Gallery - more and more openness from the Beeb - and apparently in H.264 format, too.
  • Vodafone Simply, the new no-frills offering - this is a nice example of what should be done for all mobile services (i.e., make them usable)
  • VoIP on a Nintendo? I can already hear the harbingers of GSM doom circling this one...
  • Bruno just joined Asterisco, the new Portuguese geek haven (which, incidentally, has an RSS feed, in case you want to keep track of all Portuguese geekdom via a single source).
  • I've also removed Gildot from my personal radar, since it was becoming increasingly irrelevant and is now, as far as I'm concerned, spiraling into its own navel. It is expected to fold in upon itself and vanish any time now, leaving very little regret in its wake.
  • There's no end in sight for the 802.11n standard - or, in fact, for the whole mess of standards related to Wi-Fi.
  • Via Melo, the Backpack API and what we believe to be the second dumbest way to waste a (the dumbest is installing ).

I've also updated my page and made a few changes to the (yeah, I finally got fed up with people stumbling upon old posts and saying "but is better now!").