Taking a Breather

Ah, the news, that wonderful mass of dissonant opinion... And today I can actually sit in front of the screen without sneezing or dozing off. However, there was little of interest today.

  • Everyone's raving about the Three Ns, or rather the N70, N90 and N91. For me, the N91, together with their recent partnership, embodies all that Nokia always wanted to do - but never got past the carriers. By turning the N91 into a Wi-Fi-enabled -equivalent, they have taken another step towards the services arena, and I expect them to announce more stuff along those lines any day now. More views:
    • Christian Lindholm
    • Russell Beattie (please, Russell, don't shoot me for linking to you - still don't know what happened the last time around...)
    • The BBC (quoting an utterly clueless and completely UK-centric Gartner analyst)
  • Of slightly more interest to me was Cisco's acquisition of Sipura, which points to a set of revamped Linksys boxes right about the time VoIP reaches the critical mass point (which some people, , believe to be this year).