Notes To Self

  • Do not, ever, ever again open up a dusty PC indoors to check why the fan is making scratching noises in the middle of the night.
  • Even if said PC somehow finds itself magically open and gutted on the office floor, do not attempt to vacuum all the black soot out of it, or, even worse, switch it on while open.
  • In case the aforementioned two situations have by any chance occurred and you do have to mess with the fans (either because there is a stranger forcing you to do that at gunpoint or because you want to stop them from making a godawful racket), do not forget to use gloves and a facemask, and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Failure to comply with these instructions will, if you've got "undefined broad spectrum" allergies like me, cause your sinuses to seize up overnight as if filled with cranberry jelly (making you sleep poorly) and force you to leave the office after lunch (at which time you will have attained a steady rhythm of a strong sneeze every five minutes, on average).

So, having taken a couple of "Kryptonite pills" followed by a vitamin C chaser and being again able to breathe without straws stuffed up my nose, I'm now trying to focus for long enough to herd the usual mass of corporate mail through an UMTS pipe.

I guess Monday caught up with me. And it isn't getting much better.