I've been lax in catching up with the news, at least tech-related ones. Besides the anniversary yesterday and the (by now a classic) Steve Jobs video, there were a few other items of interest:

  • BBC covers Portuguese election humor - making fun of local politicians, one red nose at a time...
  • and Mono videos are out there.
  • Coral has introduced bandwidth caps, which means I have to monitor my site bandwidth a bit more closely and only trigger caching when freak traffic peaks occur (which has been pretty much every other day the past couple of weeks). I'm reading up on iptables and tcng to see if I can do bandwidth throttling on this aging setup, and will post a few notes on the topic when I can get it going.
  • Linux Inc., an interesting article that takes a business look at and should provide an ample choice of meaningless statistics to anyone for or against it.
  • There's a new Apple KB article on pixel anomalies on LCD displays, which reminded me I originally swapped my G4 due to one such defect. I'm keeping my fingers crossed regarding my new ...
  • A nice hint on rotating images inside .
  • An article that tries to decode the patents around the upcoming PS3 "cell" architecture, and ArsTechnica criticism on it (a nice throwback to my hardware design days).
  • More on the results of the Siemens mobile unit. Doesn't look good.
  • Ford dumps fixed phones. We did that a couple of years back and never looked back - except for conference calls, where you really need a decent speakerphone.
  • And, finally, Engadget's HOWTO on turning a into a media centre. I expect we'll see countless versions of this sort of thing this year as custom peripherals start appearing.