Stuff You May Have Missed

...due to all the Apple news bouncing around.

  • Quicksilver has been updated to Beta 33. I can hardly remember what it was like not using it.
  • TextWrangler is now free. I can hardly remember what it was like using BBEdit, but I'm willing to use this for a while and see if it can beat vim. It seems to do most of what I need, from running buffers through an arbitrary shell script to editing via SSH/SFTP.
  • iTunes 4.7.1 is out, and it (predictably) breaks Hymn.
  • The EU Software Patent Mess Resurfaced. We'll see what comes of that.
  • The N-Gage sinks even further. You mean it was actually still on sale?
  • VMware ACE - Draconian IT desktop management, just add water.

Oh, and a minor update on my G5 order saga: I was supposed to be called back by FNAC today. I only got three calls today: one from a French colleague, another (after business hours) from another colleague with whom I usually hitch a ride, and another from my friend who is due to buy the G4 off my hands. He (obviously) saw the Mac mini all over the place, but being my college buddy and wanting the 20" screen as well, he's waiting until my G5 arrives.

I have call waiting, voice mail, etc., all the modern commodities of mobile phones.

I tried calling the Colombo store again, several times. My maximum holding time was 15 minutes, with nothing on the line after their "your call has been placed on a waiting list" message. Not even the cheesy music I usually get.

Looks like they maintain their phone service so well that they forgot to check if the canned music was working.

If you know somebody at either FNAC or Apple, please forward them this link. I'm still giving FNAC the benefit of the doubt, mind you.


Minor Update: A friend just IM'd me to point out that I'm the top Google search result for "fnac mac". In the Internet, bad news travels fast. Maybe I should have mentioned the local distributor by name, as well...

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