We Apologize For The Inconvenience

...but the only way I could watch the MWSF 2005 keynote properly was by shutting down Apache to ensure I had enough bandwidth (you might consider donating, by the way - and many thanks to the folk who did just that the very day I put up the link). And it's picking up again, even as I type this:

I tried using Coral to lessen the traffic, but I guess Mac-oriented sites are too popular today. SimpleViewer's preloading isn't helping either, since a single hit on my photo album under this heavy load completely swamps my ADSL uplink (I e-mailed the developer regarding a way to tune or disable preloading, but haven't heard back yet).

There are three things I can add to my previous post:

  • iPhoto might actually have become useful (now that I've seen the editing tools at work)
  • GarageBand is shaping up to be (like I wrote a year ago) a very nice way to make music.
  • Keynote exports to Flash now. Hmmmmm. I've always wanted a way to publish some of my presentations internally without forcing people to open PowerPoint. I wonder how flexible it is.

And, like I wrote back then and a couple of times since, I fully expect Apple to open the iTunes Music Store to individual artists one day - it's the next logical step in revolutionizing the music business, and it will cut out yet another layer of middlemen.

That will be something the RIAA will have a really hard time dealing with.

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