Relaxing Sunday

Spent most of the day relaxing, clearing out digital junk and playing around with a 6670 and my near-useless . As a result, news is slow:

  • I've put up another , this time to provide my with internet access via Bluetooth.
  • Lots of folk are pointing to Jeremy Zawodny switching away from the Mac. Like... You mean to tell me he's had a mac for nearly three years and never figured out how to enable full keyboard access? You've just got to be kidding me - it was the first thing I did. As to his other arguments, I really don't get them. I have Windows at work, a at home and everywhere, and I'm still more productive (i.e., waste less time) dealing with the . The only real argument he has is eating his company's dog food - i.e., running Windows stuff he's supposed to be familiar with anyway. But the keyboard access thing is just... daft.
  • Some folk are making a tantrum over 's recent suits against leaks. People sign contracts with non-disclosure clauses. What they did is illegal, period, and it's natural that wants to find out whom. If they need to subpoena someone else, well, that's the only way to do it. Threatening to shut down your own news site over someone else's scoop on a leak is, well... daft, too.
  • The Wi-Fi mess continues, with Belkin offering pre-802.11n products. Repeat after me: I shall not buy pre-standard equipment, for it will never work properly in any regard. Trust me on this one - I've been testing wireless gear since DECT phones came out, and is still a quagmire of near-incompatibilities, mitigated only by the fact that there are pretty much only two chipsets out there.
  • Tin whiskers and doorstops in space - who said electronics lasts a thousand years?
  • I've been remiss in converting more of the , but mostly because I am trying to get either a different Wiki (to ease other people's submissions) or change this one to support automatic table of contents a la MediaWiki.