PowerPoint Monday

Early start to the day. Real early. Spent lots of time collating inputs for an internal technology roadmap and churning out slideware. FreeMind has definitely become my "To Do" and bookmark manager of choice, and has been invaluable in fleshing out presentation structure and flow. I now carry a couple of mind maps in my keychain, along with the usual stuff.

Before I forget, let me just say that the latest Dilbert cartoon was hilariously popular at the office today. There are some things that you can only truly understand if you worked in Engineering for any length of time, and this one seemed made to order for us. As an encore, I sent around a link to the Apple IT Pro portal.

Less Business for Here

A lot of people were curious about tomorrow's keynote, especially a couple of folk on my floor who are planning to get new laptops. Following up on my , at least one of them has already decided to get a new from the US. The difference in price is scandalous, and I can't really account for it in terms of taxes alone - after all, I have a pretty good notion of what it costs to import equipment in bulk.

RSS via Jabber

Lobbied by Melo, I've been using Mimir since Friday. Today (with the increased news traffic) I went in and removed those feeds that were being a nag, and it's turned out to be an acceptable way to keep abreast of major news, although I still prefer getting most of my feeds via (which for some reason sent me tripled entries today - I really should check why).

I find it best to concentrate on whatever I'm doing and get it done without any sort of interruption, and even if Mimir is aware of my Jabber status, I seldom have the time or presence of mind to set myself as "away".

Using it with on Windows is tolerable, but and make it shine. I haven't tried the new Fire version yet (it's supposed to support too). We'll see.